Thursday, August 13, 2015

The too small block

There has not been enough time for blogging this summer!  I am happy to have some progress on my circle game quilt to show.  Last night I tackled the challenge of the too small circle.  I made the navy and light blue pieces 1/8 inch larger on the curved side.
 It fit together perfectly and laid flat - yahoo!  The last thing to check was to see if it was noticeable when mixed in with the other blocks. 
 I think it's ok - it's such a busy quilt made with some busy fabrics.  I have 2 more too small blocks that I will finish up this way as well.  I'll spread them out in the setting and I don't think it will be too noticeable.  Why are they too small?  I guess I find the 1/4 inch seam allowance hard to keep on  curves?
 Here are a few other blocks that are started but not finished yet.
 I really like both of these - they are the other 2 too small blocks. They were challenging to piece by machine and I'd rather not remake them.
Earlier this summer we spent several days on Vancouver Island.  It was a lovely holiday and I was happy to get to visit 2 new-to-me quilt shops.  I have been thinking about the border for this quilt as I'm not crazy about the border in the pattern.  I'd like to find a beautiful print to feature instead and on finding a charm pack of this new line I think I will be able to choose one.

One more block to go - I think we will draft our own :0)  We have already starting talking about the next quilt to make together.  This project has been very challenging for me and making it together with a friend has been wonderful.  What will we make next?? 

Happy Quilting!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

handquilting again

I am very happy to be handquilting again!  Other than a few stitches in the doll swap quilt I made I haven't been handquilting since May when I finished up my Crowfoot quilt.  I have really missed it.
 It's a bit warm to have all this quilt on my lap in the summertime but I open the window and let the cool evening breeze in.
 I won't mention how I basted this quilt.  I'll let the picture disclose how big of a chicken and how resistant to change I am.  Now that wretched part is done and there is nothing but fun ahead!
 I wanted to try a wide backing so there wouldn't be any seams in the back to quilt through.  I couldn't find any that suited and so I ordered this Moda muslin wide backing. I am happy with it so far but it sure shows all the wobbly stitches on the back.  Maybe this will force me to be a bit more careful!
 So far I am just outlining the applique.  I'm not sure how I'm going to quilt the rest - I hope it speaks to me as I go :0) 
My quilt patis project continues to grow. I love the colors and the pattern emerging but I am finding it a bit controlled - I usually like things to be a bit more scrappy than this.  When I run out of those aqua fabrics I will know I'm done.

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

beach sewing

Whew - summer is busy!  We've been back from visiting my parents (and the beach) in Kelowna for almost 2 weeks.  I made a good start on my new quilt patis project  :0)  
 I love how these colors look together. 
 Here you can get a glimpse of how this project will fit together.  I am eager to see it grow!
I also hosted my quilting group's summer potluck and the "luck of the pot" was very yummy!  There were SO many desserts :0)  This cake was particularly impressive and I had to photograph it. 

I hope to have more to post later this week.  (this is the week the kids go to camps)
Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

new projects

 What is it about new projects?  So exciting :0)  This project is a result of my emergency sewing that I started back in December.  I had a mini charm pack of Potluck and I started making hexies.  Well this week the hexies became flowers and now I'm thinking about what to make with them.  (and wishing I had bought 2 mini charm packs...)
I like them with this busy grey polka dot.  I'm probably going to make a pouch or bag.
 I love the bag with handles on the cover of this book that I repeatedly take out from the library but would need twice as many hexies to make it.  (another mini charm pack...)  I will play around with them until a plan forms.
This is the fabric I am going to use in my new quilt patis project. Pretty bright for me I know but so happy.
 I got started today even though I'm not at the beach yet - I couldn't wait!
I've been studying and drawing squirrels for my Bird of Paradise border.  This was the result. Now to stitch him down before he runs away :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

lots of variety

I've been loving variety lately.  Some days, like yesterday I worked on 5 different projects.  I finished handpiecing this sunflower and I appliqued the centre onto it.  It's not perfect but I did enjoy the process by the time I got to the end.  I have more handpiecing planned :0)  This block will become part of a small wallhanging once I figure the rest out.
 I pieced the last star into my Patis star project. The top isn't finished as I want to put half hexagons in along the sides and add a border all around.  The portable part of this project is now complete so I will be starting a new project with the quilt patis later this week.  I simply must have some good handwork for the beach!
 This is another new project.  I bought a big piece of the blue floral a few years ago and it's been bothering me that its still sitting in a bin.  The blocks are from the book "History Repeated". Right now I think I will use the blue floral for a zigzag setting but this may change:0)  I need a lot of these blocks so there will be lots of time to think about it. 
I was in the mood for these bright happy colors.  It's summer - Yahoo!

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

borders on

I finally got the borders put onto this Lily quilt.  I drove out to Canmore to the wonderful quilt shop there and I found a good cream fabric for the borders.  It's not too yellow or dark and has only a little bit of pattern so the handquilting I am planning for this project will stand out.  Now I can procrastinate about basting this...  It's 85 inches square so it will take awhile.
 I hate basting...
Since its an hour drive out there I thought I would make a day of it and I threw my bike in the van too so I could cycle to Banff after my shopping. It was a gorgeous day!  The biking took just over 2 hours roundtrip and I loved every minute of it!  It's such a scenic ride and the path is excellent.
So, I forgot to get enough fabric for binding while I was there. (must have been too excited about the bike ride)  I almost wonder if red binding might suit it.  I'll worry about that once its quilted - next year sometime if everything goes well :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

getting really close

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I took the last stitch in panel #12 of my Susan McCord Trailing Vines quilt.  May and June are such busy months!  I took the nearly finished top outside today for some pictures.
Out by the garden - not too much blooming yet.
 I like it with a little sunshine dancing across it. 
 I've started on panel #13 - the last panel.  Hopefully by the end of the summer this will be a finished top!
 We went camping on the weekend.  Our annual June trip to Shunda lake.  I sat and sewed in my favorite spot.  It was beautiful weather for some outdoor sewing by a mountain lake :0)  I worked on a side border for my Bird of Paradise quilt.
My 2 older daughters and I hiked around the lake again this year.  We were rewarded with these beauties on the very far side of the lake.  These wild orchids are so exquisite :0)

Happy quilting!!